After years working as a Silicon Valley tech executive, Greg Saiz decided it was time to make a small investment in his passion.  Combining his lifelong obsession with scuba diving, aquariums, and technology he sought to bring relaxing aquatic landscapes to offices and homes across the San Francisco Bay Area.  ZenTanks specializes in the design, setup and maintenance of freshwater planted aquariums.  A planted freshwater aquarium amplifies the calming effects of natural landscapes with the documented benefits of watching fish.  The result:  Your personal oasis of tranquility.  True to our name, ZenTanks are designed to be low maintenance and affordable.  In most cases, tank feeding and care can be automated, requiring minimal maintenance.   


“Why not marine or reef aquariums”?

 It’s about ocean impact and sustainability.  Each year, millions of marine fish and invertebrates are collected from their natural habitat in order to satisfy the demands of the aquarium hobby.  Mortality rates for collected animals approach 90%.  In many cases, animals are captured with toxic chemicals, causing further damage to the ocean ecosystem.  Most of the animals collected can’t reproduce in captivity so the demands on an already strained ecosystem will only increase with the popularity of the hobby.  Once in captivity, maintaining the delicate balance required to keep marine fish alive is a daunting and resource intensive task.  

If you have a marine aquarium, we can certainly help with routine maintenance.  If you have your heart set on a new marine aquarium, we can work with you to find “reef rescues”  or source other sustainable options.

"Are Freshwater Planted aquariums better for the environment?"

Yes!  The majority of fish, invertebrates, and plants in the freshwater aquarium trade readily reproduce in captivity.  Plants are propagated by simple cuttings or tissue cultures, while many of the shrimp and fish are raised by local hobbyists or wholesalers. 

"Yea but aren't freshwater aquariums dull"?

While it is difficult to approach the color and biodiversity of marine ecosystems, freshwater planted tanks have their own unique beauty.  You may choose to recreate a specific biotope such as an Amazon River Basin, an African Rift Lake, or just a general community tank.  You are not limited to fish and plants.  Freshwater shrimp and various snails add extra dimensions to your aquarium and even help fight algae.

"How much does it cost to setup and run an Aquarium?"

We can design systems for just about any budget.  In many cases, we can help design and build a system you can maintain yourself or at least reduce the cost of regular maintenance.  

"Was Deuce Bigalow your role model?"

Okay nobody asked yet but I wanted to preempt the comparison.